Hello, I'm Molly! A London based graphic designer with a passion for creating brave, bold, vibrant work with a clear voice.
I embrace the entirety of the design process, not just problem solving but also problem finding. By demonstrating a process of curiosity to understand any challenge, I would say I am a versatile designer, who puts design thinking and empathy at the heart of all projects. My ability to think beyond a brief and strive for innovative responses allows me to embrace different media forms and in turn, producing solutions of relevance and purpose. 
I love to collaborate with other designers and take pride in my ability to work in a team. Offering an adaptable mindset, a critical eye and a glass half-full outlook within all situations, I hope to develop my skills and knowledge further within the creative industry. 

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Arts University Bournemouth
First Class Honours 

Industry experience with Creative Interpartners 2021
Industry experience with Jayne Redgrave 2020
Internship with Tandem 2019
Industry briefing with Bright Blue Day 2019
Work experience with CLV Digital Design Team 2018

Coley Porter Bell Shine Award 2020 
Shortlisted for #NoPlaceLikeSpain
JDO Mash Made In Heaven Award 2020 
Shortlisted for Pump Up The Jam

Creative Conscience Award 2019
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