#NoPlaceLikeSpain is an experiential digital based campaign which connects Campo Viejo, a premium Rioja brand, with traditional Spanish architecture and design. Its goal is to bring a glimpse of Spain to famous streets around the UK in order to stimulate a more expressive world via social media. 
Users are able to use the Instagram filter to unlock the opportunity to design their own tile. Once decorated, the finished designs can be shared to their feed or story using the hashtag. Audiences will have the chance to view the city ‘take-overs’ which consist of each of the created tiles being physically made and placed along the streets. Designed from recycled wine barrels, each station promotes the company in a resourceful way. 
Each filter will provide shapes, stencils, flowers and colours inspired by Spanish architecture and art culture, where each user is able to customise and decorate their own.  
To tie together and promote the campaign in relation to the overall bottle design, a limited edition to-go packaging option which focuses on a more sustainable resource. These are handed out at each city take over event, so users have something to take-away with them that gives them a sample of the different wines.
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